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Commitment to Quality
There is a common quote in Canada that says, ‘No Two Snowflakes Are Alike’. Whether you are referring to frozen proteins, powdered dairy products or numerous other dried goods, this       quote could not provide a better reflection of commodity food products.  Product specifications and quality vary from plant to plant, amongst different processors, by region and by country.

Partnering with the Right Company is Essential
Understanding each client’s unique requirements can be tricky.  It takes a company with a true understanding of the changing marketplace and products in demand to understand and interpret a client’s needs, requirements and restrictions. A company with experience and established relationships is required to procure products that meet client specifications. Partners turn to Marot International Inc. because we facilitate transactions on schedule, understand international trade parameters and trade restrictions, address food safety concerns, and accommodate ever-increasing financial limitations.

Understanding Needs and Meeting Expectations
Given the fact that products vary by both region and supplier, Marot International Inc. is committed to facilitating the procurement of quality, top-grade food commodities. Specializing in proteins including chicken, turkey, beef and pork, we have diversified our product line-up considerably to reflect the needs of our buyers.

Whether a shipment of one container or thousands of tons, we work with a variety of cuts and offal products providing cost-effective packaging that reflects consumer preferences and client demands.

Taking All Necessary Considerations into Account
Working with our trusted suppliers across North and South America and abroad, the expert team at Marot International Inc. ensures that all logistics run smoothly so food commodities safely reach their destinations on schedule. Our roster of trusted suppliers has global reach, now including Europe, India, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Turkey!

Our skilled team analyzes and facilitates transportation, timing, weight, labelling, documentation and other considerations, enabling the successful delivery of goods to the marketplace. We are proud to offer high volume turnover of both branded and non-branded frozen and dried goods.

Extensive Product Selection

With our diverse network of supply and contacts around the world we are well positioned to serve any request.If there is a food product you are looking for we can likely find a quality product from a reputable supplier.