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A food supplier’s reputation lies in its ability to provide high quality, properly inspected and certified product at the right time and at a competitive price.

A Commitment to Quality
At Marot International Inc., we understand market preferences and offer expertise in a full range of products supported by various regions and suppliers. We regularly visit our local and international suppliers to ensure that we continue to uphold our promise to deliver the highest quality.

Understanding Our Products
Commodity food trade is more than just the transaction of a product in a box. After 15 years in business, Marot International Inc. comprehends those factors that affect the seamless movement of products.

Products come in various configurations. We are committed to understanding our clients’ unique requirements, which can include product and packaging specifications, cultural and religious considerations, (such as Halal or Kosher), country of origin requirements, and specific market preferences.

International Standards and Regulations
We have accurate knowledge of international laws, requirements and restrictions. Fulfilling our partners’ needs also calls for an understanding of a multitude of inspection, labelling, and document requirements. Ever-changing government, health and safety requirements influence the global distribution of food products. We expertly navigate requirements and regulations of the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and USDA / FSIS (United States Department of Agriculture / Food Safety and Inspection Service) and stay abreast of changes that impact our partners. Further to this, we are increasingly involved in accommodating HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) requirements for our clients.

Global Presence
Marot International Inc. has a significant presence in both Brazil and the USA, the two leading exporters of chicken, beef and other food products. Knowledgeable and experienced, we are familiar with packaging and labelling requirements and how they vary by market and by customer. We know exactly where to source each specific item, resulting in efficient and mutually beneficial transactions. Our team offers guidance and expertise in the preparation of forward contracts.

We know our suppliers’ products, understand clients’ expectations, and adapt to market trends in order to successfully deliver the goods our customers demand and expect.

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Partner with Marot International Inc. and gain access to critical product knowledge that will help your business maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Marot International gets to the core of what matters with superior product knowledge, astute market intelligence and invaluable industry partnerships.

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