The Marot International Inc. team understands that ours is a business founded on relationships. Our reputation as an innovative market leader is based on our integrity, honesty and long-standing track record of fair performance and mutually beneficial transactions. This strengthens both our client and supplier networks.

In the Know
Because our team is always aware of new changes and developments in the international trade landscape, Marot International Inc. is able to operate in an information rich environment. We are up-to-date with market trends, the movement and availability of products, current political and economic factors, and key players in the industry.

In an effort to maintain strong relationships, keep our product knowledge current, and ensure a safe food supply, we personally visit plants on a regular basis to inspect products and review the newest trends in the marketplace.

Industry Involvement
We strengthen our international partnerships both by building individual relationships and annually attending expositions such as ANUGA, SIAL and the International Poultry Expo.

The Marot International Inc. team takes pride in the ways in which we operate our business. We continue to expand and diversify in order to serve the ever growing needs and demands of our clients, many of whom have become our friends over the last 15 years.

Problem Prevention and Resolution
Because we work with trusted partners, maintain honest communications, and have a nuanced understanding of trade and operations, we are able to prevent most issues and complications from arising. In the unlikely event that a complication does arise, we rely on our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction to skillfully resolve it.

A Worthwhile Partnership
Our reach is global. We believe in the continual strengthening and development of our existing partner relationships, and we openly invite new partners to join our team and engage us in the improvement of their bottom line.

Expand your product lines and improve your business processes through our extensive list of reputable partners.

Marot International gets to the core of what matters with invaluable industry partnerships, astute market intelligence and superior product knowledge.

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