Market Intelligence

We live in a global world. This means markets are no longer exclusively affected by the simple economics of supply and demand but also the geography, climate, political uncertainty and financial landscapes of other markets on a global scale – and international food trade is no exception.

The Buyer-Seller Relationship
Considering factors such as proper documentation, labelling, rigid timelines, health requirements, disease prevention measures, market limitations and fluctuating currency rates, Marot International Inc. draws on years of experience to ensure fruitful relationships between our buyers and suppliers.

Health Issues and Their Role in the Marketplace
Ever increasing health and disease variables affect product movement resulting in dramatic and costly implications for the marketplace. Avian Influenza, Mad Cow Disease, Foot and Mouth Disease, and E. coli outbreaks are examples of health issues that have negatively influenced market access, product supply and food costs.

Understanding and Interpreting the Market to Make Wise Decisions
Access to accurate information is essential to maintaining market intelligence. To ensure our partners have the information they need to make informed decisions, we track and communicate sales trends and shifts, are in constant contact with our global partners, and are subscribed to a multitude of online market forums.

The Marot International Inc. team is armed with the historical data necessary to interpret current trends, seasonal fluctuations and a multitude of other market conditions. When it comes to preparing for large-scale purchases on a contractual basis, market forecasting is an invaluable tool. By keeping up-to-the-minute with marketplace changes, we’re able to absorb information, interpret it, and understand how it will impact food supply, trade, and value, giving us a distinct competitive advantage. Marot International’s success is based on our awareness of these variables and our ability to adapt in order to generate new opportunities.

Delivering Value
Striving to be an innovative market leader, we have built a global supply network buyers can trust as a consistent resource of quality food commodities in demand. Our highly acclaimed partners coupled with our expertise and awareness of the ever-changing marketplace, makes Marot International Inc. an invaluable partner.

Marot International Inc. continues to expand and diversify its products as we adapt to changing sales trends and create new growth potential.

Make better business decisions with a food broker who acknowledges the importance of market intelligence and helps you use it to your ultimate advantage.

Marot International gets to the core of what matters with astute market intelligence, superior product knowledge and invaluable industry partnerships.

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